Spring / Summer look 2018

We see a lot of pink and blue in fashion this spring. In the collection of beMineral® you can see these colors in beautiful ton sur ton shades again. Are you blonde or dark, you will steal the show with the new spring-summer look of beMineral® “Pink Spring in Barcelona” made with the new eyekit “The Pink Eye Collection”.

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  • beMineral is a 100% pure mineral makeup line developed by Greet Hoedeman – owner of Beauty Inn Health & Beauty Center and Beauty Injection in Nieuwegein. Gradually the great wish arose for developing and developing a unique, mineral make-up brand with international allure. beMineral has been available on the Dutch market since 2012 and is now sold in Belgium, Denmark and Italy.

  • The beMineral powders are pure natural, uncut mineral makeup based on mineral pigments from the earth. The mineral powders of beMineral consist exclusively of 3 ingredients. These are the 100% natural minerals: Mica, Titanium dioxide and Iron oxide. The minerals are fragrance-free, contain no preservatives, oils, artificial colors and / or talc, only the three minerals.

  • Mineral pigments are very skin-friendly and allow the skin to breathe. In addition, the Mica minerals reflect the light diffusely through the diamond-shaped glitter pigments. This makes skin irregularities and lines soften and less visible. Titanium dioxide offers, in addition to its unique, nurturing properties, a broad spectrum of SPF, which protects the skin against the harmful effects of UVA and UVB radiation.

  • beMineral is a pure mineral Make-Up line suitable for young and old and both women and men. Because of the 100% natural composition beMineral is very well tolerated, also due to the irritated, sensitive, eczematic skin and even acne. It does not close the skin and allows the skin to breathe freely. Because the minerals blend with the skin, you will not notice that you are wearing make-up.

  • Pure mineral makeup requires a totally different way of working, because the care and healthy keeping of the skin is number one. The result feels and looks very natural. Mineral make-up can be used and applied in various ways, depending on the skin and the intended effect. Apply with a special brush with layers of hair so that the powders get well between the hairs and ensure a nice release. First distribute lightly and then blend, blend, blend. The more you blink (turn around), the more beautiful the vision becomes one with the natural skin.

  • To determine the right color, the undertones of your skin play an important role. The undertones of your skin and your skin color are two different things. The color theory also speaks of a cool or a warm undertone. A yellow undertone tends more towards the warm skin types and a red / pink lake towards the cool skin types. The foundations with a beige undertone can go as a ‘neutral’ type in all categories.

  • A simple trick is to see how your skin colors with a white cloth and an off-white cloth. Do you look better in white? Then you belong to the so-called warm types. If your skin colors better with the off-white color, then your undertones are cool. Another trick is looking at the way and speed at which your skin discolors in the sun. Are you easily brown and do not burn quickly and often? Then you can also assume that you have a warm undertone. If, on the other hand, you burn quickly and you are not exactly brown, you can assume that you have a cool undertone in your skin.

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