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100% Natural Minerals

beMineral is a pure mineral make-up range developed by Greet Hoedeman, owner of ‘Beauty Inn Health & Beauty Center’ and ‘Beauty Injection’, wholesale, in Nieuwegein. Launched in August 2012. The product had to meet high requirements for development in order to being natural, resulting in a more youthful appearance, offering a perfect camouflage, being water-resistent and protecting from UV rays in the same time. And all this without having the feeling one wears makeup.
The seemingly impossible worked and so our foundations only consist of 3 ingredients: Mica, Iron Oxide and Titanium Dioxide which are 100% natural minerals. Therefore the beMineral products are suitable for even the most sensitive skins.

These minerals naturally occur in different colors depending on the natural elements which are present during their terrestrial formation. Once extracted, the ingredients are processed by grinding, polishing and blending. This creates a light refraction which provides an enormous variety of colors. Also this process causes a very low molecular weight. Thereby the makeup feels very comfortable and is furthermore economical in use. beMineral allows skin breathing and doesn’t clog the pores. beMineral is suitable for all ages, for both men and women. Another piece of good news is that since January 2013 beMineral is officially allowed to be labeled as ‘cruelty-free’; a quality mark which we wear with pride!

beMineral Timeline

  • 2019

    New! Vitamin Lipbalm

    This new beMineral lipbalm is full of nice ingredients to take care of prepared, soft and smooth lips. Available in the colours Natural and Soft Rose.

  • 2019

    New! Brush Shower

    Don’t underestimate the importance of a cleaned brush. Dirty brushes cause clogged pores and eruptions. You could avoid this by cleaning your brush on a daily basis with the ‘beMineral Brush Shower’. Protect and disinfect your brush with this soft cleanser and let the brush last longer as a result.

  • 2017

    New! Liquid Lipsticks

    The beMineral product range is enriched with beautiful matte ‘liquid lipsticks’. Several lip products like lipglosses, lipstick pencils and lipliners have already been part of the product range except for a nice, matte product for the lips. The liquid lipsticks are, as the name suggests, liquid but have the effect of a matte lipstick. They are highly pigmented so you easily conjure up the most beautiful colors on your lips, lasting a long time. Economical in use because of the strong pigmentation. The beautifully covering, long-lasting formula glides over the lips with a shine and dries to a velvety soft finish. In total there are 5 colors with sounding names like: Milk Chocolate, Pink Candy, Strawberry Smoothie, Sugar Plum and Apricot Brandy. Not only do you color your lips beautiful with these colors, they also consist of friendly caring ingredients such as: olive butter, jojoba oil, mica, iron oxide, candelilla, beeswax and Vitamin E. The liquid lipsticks come with a practical applicator to allow an easy and quick stick on the lips.

  • 2016

    New! Big Kabuki Brush

    The Big Kabuki Brush is a fantastic addition to our high-quality assortment of brushes. It is a great Brush which we write down with a capital B because you really have something serious in your hands. The brush head is 45 millimeters in diameter and its flat base of 27 millimeters enables putting down the brush in an easy way. The big bulky hairs and the hair-density makes it a perfect brush if more coverage is required. A musthave for those who love makeup.

  • 2015

    New! Blush Brush

    The assortment of brushes expanded with newcomer Blush Brush. The brush, smaller than the Flawless Foundation Brush, is designed for the subtle application of blush or bronzer on the cheeks or faceshaping.

  • 2015

    New! Eyeliner Pencils

    Extension goes on and on with the arrival of three colors of Eyeliner Pencils. These are beautiful nourishing eyepencils mineral- and coconut-based with an antibacterial action.

  • 2014

    New! Lipstick Pencils & Lipliners

    The beMineral collection expands with new products for lips. The Lipstick Pencils are pencils for the effect of caring and soft lipsticks. To outline the lips matching lipliners were developed. In our collection we count 5 colors lipsticks and 4 lipliners. The collection is also available in a luxurious starterkit, pencil sharpener included.

  • 2014

    beMineral new packaging

    Compatible with the new corporate identity of beMineral, the new look has been transferred to all packages. The products have been upgraded by combining the classy pearl-of-mother with the silver logo and the look & feel of elegant ‘glass containers’.

  • 2014

    beMineral new look

    Choosing the beMineral corporate identity was a conscious decision made by Greet Hoedeman. The silver logo, in combination with mother-of-pearl and images of metropolises in black and white, gives the packages their stylish and luxury look. A brand of international stature!

  • 2013

    beMineral brushes

    beMineral expands the product range with professional make-upbrushes. The generous and silky ‘Flawless Foundation’ was designed especially to apply mineral foundation in a flawless and smooth way. The Flatliner however is for precise wet or dry application of eyeliners. The ‘Anti Blemish Smudge’ is a dense brush in order to create a nice depth in the arch of the eyebrow. The ‘Medium Coverage’ allows camouflage for imperfections in the face. The ‘Eye Shadow’ is for accurate application of eyeshadow while the ‘Brow Perfection’ is perfect in place for shaping eyebrows. The convenient ‘Small Coverage’ provides concentrated coverage of small imperfections as the ‘Wet/Dry Shadow’ is a compact brush to nicely put on opaque eyeshadow.

  • 2013

    Hallmark Cruelty-Free

  • 2012

    beMineral product range

    Stakes were high while developing the beMineral collection. Compared to the quality of the former brand ‘bareMinerals’, beMineral had to become at least equivalent but rather be surpassed. The result is a 100% pure natural make-upline, that pure that not even about one ingredient discussion could arise regarding safety or skin irritation.

    The powders only contain 3 ingredients like Mica, Iron Oxide and Titanium Dioxide. These are 100% pure minerals and that’s why beMineral products are appropriate for even the most sensitive skins.

  • 2012

    Start beMineral

    Greet Hoedeman, owner of Beauty Injection wholesale, took initiative to introduce her own brand of mineral make-up: beMineral®. It’s about an innovative and varied collection of lines which is, above all, totally independent.

  • 2009

    bareMinerals off the market

    Beauty Injection stops distributing bareMinerals due to international decisionmaking from the American parent company to move distribution to Sephora.

  • 2003

    Introduction bareMinerals

    Wholesale Beauty Injection imports the mineral make-up brand ‘bareMinerals’ to the Netherlands and Belgium.

    As consumers become increasingly more critical and make ever higher demands on quality for their skinproducts, they discover the advantages of mineral make-up: light, fluffy, easy to apply and above all: excellent for the skin!