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Think about indulging yourself by relaxing on the couch with candlelight, a nice cup of tea and a wonderful magazine around. Are you ready for this? Anyway, the new autumnseason is here with corresponding fashion and make-up!

B636 Eyeshadow Glimmer Gold Ribbon: This blast is a beautiful eyeshadow in warm gold. A colour that is essential for your fall collection and easy to mix with other shades. To be used wet as well as dry. Use the eyeshadow dry if you wish to highlight glamour and wet if you long for extra intensity.
B637 Eyeshadow Glimmer Victorian: This shade is a mix of bronze, old pink and taupe. A very special shade which you must have seen to be able to describe it in the right way. Beautiful as a base on the eyelids and also as a contrasting colour in the brow bone. You can use the Glimmer Victorian on the eyelid as well in the brow bone to create a warm touch.
B570 Eyeshadow Glimpse Moss: This intense greengolden shade just makes you shine. By using this one shade and giving it a leading role in your eyelooks, you’ll get the maximum effect of all.
B571 Eyeshadow Glimpse Storm: This ironsilver shade is made for using it on a wet basis. It is then that you’ll find this intense colour you were always looking for. Use the Glimpse Storm as an eyeliner under the eyes to finish your look.
B418 Lipgloss Stars & Sky: The pampering lipgloss with the colour beige/gold shimmer is very subtle and goes perfectly with the outspoken eyeshades we introduced in our autumn collection.
B438 Liquid Lipstick Cinnamon Swirl: This matte Liquid Lipstick is warm brown and has a 100% match with the tasteful and warm coffese shades this fall. Allow the liquid lipstick to dry for 30 seconds and you will enjoy your matte lipstick for hours.
B437 Liquid Lipstick Ginger Latte: This peach/nude is beautifully natural and at the same time shows a splendid difference while applying it on your lips. Let the Ginger Latte dry for 30 seconds in order to enjoy your matte lipstick for a long time.