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Soon the beMineral collection will be enriched with beautiful matte liquid lipsticks! In the present collection we already offer several lipproducts among them lipglosses, lipstick pencils and lipliners, but we still needed a nice matte lipproduct. The liquid lipsticks are, as the name suggests, liquid but with the same effecst as the matte lipstick. They are strongly pigmented so you can do magic with a little bit of liquid on your lips and the nicest colours are long lasting. We will offer 7 colours with appropriate names like: Milk Chocolate, Pink Candy, Strawberry Smoothie, Sugar Plum, Apricot Brandy, Cranberry Crumble and Red Velvet Cake. Not only is it that you make magic with your lips, they are on top of that made of repairing ingredients like: olivebutter, jojaba oil, mica, iron oxide, candellila, beeswax and vitamin E. All this in a stylish silverline package, like the lipglosses. The special applicator allows quick and easy to use application. We can’t wait!