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About beMineral® Perfect Cover Concealer

The name says it all! The unique concealer of beMineral® is innovative because it goes way beyond regular camouflage products. ‘beMineral® Perfect Cover Concealer’ is well pigmented and therefore creates a wonderful opaque effect. Bye bye bags and impurities! Due to the light-reflecting Mica, the Perfect Cover Concealer offers the ideal product to optimally camouflage virtually any skin irregularities such as small scars, spots, dark circles and other skin discolorations. Thanks to the lightweight texture, you do not even feel that you wear it. The composition is similar to that of a nourishing eye cream, with respect for and maintenance of a healthy and beautiful skin.

Moreover the package design was made to easily carry with you wherever you go. The handy applicator is made of soft material and permits precision work on the skin. With the fingertips, you tap the concealer all over the skin for immediate blend. Good to know is that this concealer does not fill our small facial lines. beMineral® offers the concealer in 3 shades: Light, Fair and Medium.

100% natural minerals

The beMineral® minerals are provided by nature and differ in color, depending on the natural sustances that are present during their formation in the earth. Once the ingredients have been mined, they are processed by grinding, planing and mixing, thus creating a refraction that offers a huge variety of colors. The colors are strengthened by mixing them with different percentages of the minerals Iron- oxide, Mica and Titanium dioxide.

beMineral® uses these complicated, time-consuming procedures to be able to compose the purest and most natural creations. This treatment also ensures a very low molecular weight, making the beMineral® foundations not only feel good on the skin, but also being very economical in use.


  • Cruelty-free
  • Fragrance free
  • Without preservatives
  • Without wax, oil and talc
  • Based on natural minerals
  • With vitamin C and E
  • Allows the skin to breathe freely
  • Does not clog the pores
  • Verstopt de poriën niet
  • Does not clog the pores

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