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Have you ever seen our make-up videos? Kenza and Jolien are two of our beMineral® Inspirers, who surprise us every two weeks with a new make-up look. From a natural ‘everyday look’ to a colored winged liner and even a Halloween look. Creative, inspiring or just practical: they like above all to put you in the limelight and so we asked these lovely ladies to introduce themselves to you. We wish you lots of reading pleasure and inspiration!

Name Jolien
Origin: Dutch
Age: 25

What do you have with make-up?I love applying make-up to myself and others because this is really a pampering moment. I think it is a true art to focus on the natural beauty of your face and make it even more beautiful and let girls shine.

What do you specifically like about beMineral®?I like the make-up so much because I really feel my skin can keep breathing. In addition, I do not smear junk on my face, but rather products with, for example, vitamins.

Why do you make videos for beMineral®?I really enjoy inspiring others with ideas for different looks with the same make-up products. People like to try new things, but often they don’t know how to use these new things. By showing it, people can see with their own eyes that it doesn’t have to be that difficult. I just hope that more people will ‘spoil’ themselves with a beMineral® make-up moment.

What is your favorite beMineral® product and why?I have several favorites but my absolute favorite is the body glow. It is a beautiful highlighter for the face and the body.I also really love the foundations because these fade imperfections and at the same time I keep the feeling that I do not seal my skin with a thick layer of cosmetics. In addition, the foundation brush is really a silky gift for the skin.And oh…the Lash Extender is also highly recommended. The small fibers lengthen your natural lashes. You just fix the fibers with mascara et voila! There you are, beautiful longer lashes! Doesn’t everyone want that?

Name: Kenza Alaoui Mdaghri
Origin: Moroccan
Age: 20

What about Kenza and make-up?I think make-up is so much more than just a tool to ‘make yourself more beautiful’. To me it is really a matter of creative expression and I use it to express myself! It is truly my creative hobby, because there is more thought behind it than one often thinks: which colors go well together, what kind of lipstick looks good to the look etc.

What do you like about beMineral®?What I love about beMineral® is that it is all about natural products. In general, make-up is not very good for your skin, so I really embrace the fact that there is a brand that sells natural, highly pigmented and also very beautiful make-up.

Why do you make videos for beMineral®?I make videos for beMineral® because I want to show that also with natural make-up you can create beautiful, colorful and exciting looks. Most of the other natural make-up brands often show natural looks only, but it certainly doesn’t have to be that way! So that’s what I would like to show by making videos for beMineral®.

What is your favorite beMineral® product and why?I think my most favorite beMineral ® products are almost all eyeshadow colors actually. There are just so many beautiful bright colors in the collection with  a lot of pigment in it. What I also like a lot is the fact that you can choose from multiple finishes in terms of eyeshadow. On top of this you can either mix the eyeshadow with a little water to get this ridiculously beautiful shine!!